What is ASL for Fun? Well some background; during the development of scenarios and Tactical Missions (Campaign Games) for Lone Canuck Publishing, there are some projects that just don't quite fit the mould for a scenario or campaign game - be they too big for a scenario, too little for a campaign game, or need a special map made for a scenario. Sometimes I just brainstorm up an idea and then design something for my local group of ASL enthusiasts to enjoy. For the most part, these scenarios are played once or twice and then are pack up and stored away in a closet, never to see the light of day again. A suggestion by an ASL player on social media was to VASLized the map and then put it out there for the greater ASL community to enjoy it. 

So that is what I am going to do.

Now I have tried to be historically accurate, while still allowing for some great scenarios to be played. The scenarios are designed with replayablility in mind and are not perfectly play balanced. The variable force setup and random reinforcement entries ensure that the scenarios will seldom play the same way - even with the same players. I have also designed them for several players play on each side; this Team ASL concept helps foster camaraderie among players, helps to expand the players' rules knowledge, and also helps introduce new players to the game.  All of which my own group of ASL players have found to be most useful and most importantly, fun.

So plan is for the maps to be VASLized (thank you very much Brian Kemp) and a PDF copy of the scenarios to be available to players to download. All I ask in return is that you say few words about the scenario on such social media as: Gamer Squad, or Facebook's Advanced Squad Leader Group, ASL Players Group, and the VASL Group.

If you agree with this project and would like to see more, then please make a donation (see the link below)/ You are not obligated to do so, I would much rather see players playing ASL and even better, getting new players, playing ASL by using the scenarios.

I have VASLized the map, which will allows for free distribution; but I ask that a gentleman's agreement be honoured, so that the material is be used for personal enjoyment only and that there will be no attempts to reproduce for sale, said material without my explicit permission.
















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